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How to Fix YouTube Black Screen Issue

Facing this annoying issue (YouTube Black Screen) on your computer while watching your favorite TV show, movies, song, or funny cat video?
Here are the reasons why are you facing this problem and the solutions for it. Possible reasons that can cause YouTube Black Screen issue: 1.    Browsing YouTube on a weak Internet connection. 2.    Adobe Flash Player or JavaScript may lead to a black screen of YouTube. 3.    If you’re using YouTube on browser then the browser’s Cache and Settings may cause clogging up and YouTube black screen. 4.    The video you’re playing may have sensitive content. If the black screen issue is from your end, then that can be usually solved by restarting your computer, restarting internet hardware device, upgrading your browser, disabling ad blocker, and other similar solutions. If the problem is with the video or YouTube or from your internet service provider, then the issue can’t be fixed. Solutions for solving YouTube black screen issue: Use a better net connection: B…

How to Link and Broadcast your PS4 on YouTube/Twitch

If you’re a good player and want to show off your gaming skills to the world, then it’s easy. Just link your accounts and start broadcasting. Whereas Facebook and Twitter accounts can also be linked to the PlayStation 4 account, but with this account, live streaming gameplay to the channels is not possible. Yes, you can upload Video clips and screenshots to your channel.
Here is the process to link and broadcast your PS4 on YouTube or Twitch How to link your PS4 account with the YouTube 1.    Open the PlayStation main menu. 2.    Open ‘Settings’. 3.    Go to ‘Account Management’. 4.    And then ‘Link with Other Services’. 5.    Choose ‘YouTube’ from the services options. 6.    Select ‘Sign In’ on the next screen. This will automatically open your Playstation’s web browser. 7.    Now, provide your ‘Google or YouTube’ account information for Sign In. 8.    Enter ‘Verification Code’ when asked. If two-steps authentication is enabled on your account. 9.    Choose the ‘YouTube account’ that you want …

How to Fix Cortana Not working Issue?

Cortana is a virtual digital assistant of Microsoft. She is fantastic, witty, and charming. But, what if she stops working? You will get irritated. And what is more irritating is when you don’t even know the reason. Has your Cortana gone AWOL?Maybe she never functioned. We will find out what is up with "Cortana", but before going into the depth, just restart your gadget.
Use some of these solutions to troubleshoot Cortana is not responding issue: Reconfigure Microphone The only way through which we can make Cortana work is by enabling her. She will not work if she’s not allowed to. She would listen into your voice only if there is a microphone. You need to check if the Windows button is working well or not. Follow the below-given steps to verify if Cortana is enabled: 1.Enter Cortana, on the Taskbar in search Window. 2.Tap Cortana and Search in the results. 3.See if all these options are adequately enabled: 4.See if Cortana responds to Hey Cortana. 5.Tap Get Started under Microph…

How to Manage Files, folders, and other documents in Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is almost similar to other cloud file-management service just like Dropbox, but besides this it also lets you access your MS Office files. If you haven’t managed your OneDrive account storage, then it gets complicated for you to find a file stored in OneDrive storage. So, here is how to manage files, folders and other documents in Microsoft OneDrive!
Syncing Files, Photos, and other documents to OneDrive From My PC: •To sync Files, photos or any other document to the OneDrive, the first step you have to do is choose the files for syncing. You can also select an entire folder to sync to OneDrive. •Login in into the computer you’re using OneDrive. •Now, navigate to the files or folder that you want to sync on OneDrive. •Then add the files or folders to the OneDrive location. •Repeat the same procedure to add more files or folders to OneDrive. If you need a new folder for your documents, then you can create it. From Settings: You can also select files for syncing from Settings. Th…

How to Repair Corrupted BIOS Firmware on Windows

Basic input/output system (BIOS) is a firmware programming, and it like the basic DNA of any microprocessor which enables your PC to run or even start. Before moving to the rectification tool and associated problem, first, we should know the BIOS and Firmware.

What is firmware? Firmware is a kind of software programming the only difference from the traditional programming is that it’s a chip level programming. It also comes into the category of system software as it is essential for the working of any microprocessor.
What is BIOS? Now, moving on to the BIOS, it is the only software in any device that comes in-built with it. It is an essential need for any computer to start. A microprocessor is the brain of any computer, BIOS is the instruction to the microprocessor, even to wake up and launch itself. Hence it is the first layer between software and hardware. It is one who directly interacts with bare hardware.
Whenever we start our system, microprocessor passes control to the BIOS w…